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PRGR 698B Seminar/ Webinar Zero Credit Course

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PRGR 698B Seminar/ Webinar Zero Credit Course
by Moodle Administrator - Friday, 28 September 2018, 12:33 PM

Dear Pro-Greeners,

You have been registered in PRGR WEBI 698B,  a webinar course of 0 credits. This course will not affect your total number of credits, however, it will appear on your records and in your transcripts once you complete your diploma.

Under PRGR 698B Seminar/ Webinar Zero Credit Course on Moodle, you will find a gallery of recorded lectures. 

You are invited to view any of these recorded lectures in the gallery. The most recent videos took place during the Earth Initiative 2100 and Energy Transition seminars.

  • Earth in 2100: Water, Energy, Land Use, and Climate
  • Exploring the Role of Extreme Events on Rivers and Coastlines
  • Renewable Readiness Plan and Role of Renewable Energy in Water and Food Security in MENA
  • Environmental Planning For The Energy Transition In Germany 2015
  • Renewable Energy Based Micro-Grids
  • Renewable Energy And Sustainability Considerations For Lebanon
  • Strategies For An Energy Transition In Lebanon
  • Energy Transition Q & A

Pro-Green Team