Technical training trip for our Pro-Green students

Technical training trip for our Pro-Green students

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Our three European partners: Politecnico di Torino, Lund University and The Mediterranean Universities Union, UNIMED are interested to host a technical training trip for our Pro-Green students.

Things to know:

  • Trip duration: 2 weeks : February 7, 2016  - February 20, 2016  
  • Trip destination: Italy and Sweden  
  • 700 euros will be financed by Pro-Green. We will try to make sure that accommodation costs do not exceed the value.
  • Students who have normally completed 9 credits or more will be given higher priority for the selection process.
  • Students who are not selected but are interested to take part in this training can attend it at their own expense.
  • Spaces will be limited.


If interested, kindly email us at or call 01-350000 ext. 4478/4480. More information will be gradually available.