Pro-Green Course Requirement Plan

Pro-Green Course Requirement Plan

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Dear Pro-Green candidate,  

In order to better plan your next Pro-Green semesters, it is recommended to fill out the         Pro-Green Course Requirement Plan.

The Pro-Green Course Requirement Plan serves as a study map to help organize your studies over the period of your effort and time on the diploma. There is no limit on the minimum credits you can take per semester however the average load is 6 credits.

This will also help the Pro-Green team cater to courses that you would like to have available over the course of your studies. To view all Pro-Green courses, we encourage you to click on the following below:

Core Courses

Energy Specialization

Buildings Specialization

Water Specialization

Electives *

*Note that a course can be considered as an elective if it is taken from another Pro-Green Specialization other than your own.

Kindly fill out this optional document and share with your Academic Advisor.  

Finally, the Moodle team has added a new section on your Moodle account homepage titled – Student Resources. This section is located on the bottom right hand side of the homepage and includes documents such as the Pro-Green Course Requirement Plan, Registration Guidelines, and Frequently Asked Questions. Refer to this section when need be as more resource tools will be updated and added with time.