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Dear Pro-Greener:

You have been registered in PRGR WEBI 698B,  a webinar course of 0 credits. This course will not affect your total number of credits, however, it will appear on your records and in your transcripts once you complete your diploma.

Under PRGR 698B Seminar/ Webinar Zero Credit Course on Moodle, you will find a gallery of recorded lectures.

You are invited to view any of these recorded lectures in the gallery listed below. The first two are the most recent videos that were recorded during Spring 2019.

1.       Real-Time Data-Driven Probabilistic Learning for Digital TwinsURL

2.       Transitions in Energy Institutions

3.       Environmental Planning For The Energy Transition In Germany 2015URL

4.       Renewable Readiness Plan and Role of Renewable Energy in Water and Food Security in MENAURL

5.       Renewable Energy Based Micro-GridsURL

6.       Strategies For An Energy Transition In LebanonURL

7.       Renewable Energy And Sustainability Considerations For LebanonURL

8.       Energy Transition Q & AURL

9.       Exploring the Role of Extreme Events on Rivers and CoastlinesURL

10.   Earth in 2100: Water, Energy, Land Use, and ClimateURL

11.   Indoor Environment – Health Comfort and ProductivityURL

12.   HFC Phase-down under the Montreal ProtocolURL

13.   Microscale Heat and Mass ExchangeURL

14.   Building Energy Efficient DesignURL

15.   Power Generation in the Transition towards Clean EnergyURL

16.   Thermodynamics of fluids under confinement Molecular models structure & physical property predictionURL

17.   Organic dye removal from aquatic media by hierarchical lanthanum hydroxide microspheres experimentURL

18.   Nanotechnology for energy and environment applicationsURL

19.   An Efficient Geometry - based Optimization Approach for Well Placement in Oil FieldsURL

20.   Instrumented Robotic Platform for Guiding the Geo-technical Design of Offshore PipelinesURL

21.   Online Learning of 4D Seismic Data for Real Time Reservoir ManagementURL

22.   Overview of Low GWP Refrigerant Options and the Current State of Global RegulationURL

23.   Inverse Design of Indoor Environment by CFD-based Optimal MethodsURL

24.   Design of Indoor Environment by Creating Shared ValuesURL

25.   Impact of Energy Efficiency of AC Equipment on Rating Green BuildingsURL

26.   CFD-Optimized Radiant Cooling with Dedicated Outdoor Air SystemURL

27.   How Countries Begin Preparing to Implement the Kigali AmendmentURL

28.   Establishment of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan: Case Study of Union of MunicipalitiesURL

29.   Principles of Split Mass Flow and Heat Shifting Psychrometrics Toward Efficient Comfort ManagementURL

30.   World Class Energy Efficient HVAC System for New 'Twisty Tower' in South AfricaURL

31.   High Solar Combi-Plus System using PCM Storage: KSA Case StudyURL

32.   Interlinkage between the HPMP and Energy Efficiency in the RAC and Domestic Refrigeration SectorsURL

33.   Benefits from Combination of Centralized Ventilation System and Decentralized Conditioning UnitsURL

 Thank you and best regards,

 Pro-Green Team